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How to get a Vietnam E-Visa: Application and arrival procedure

August 09, 2023

If you are a passport holder of one in the following countries, the good news is you are eligible for Vietnam E-Visa. E-Visa (Electronic Visa) is valid for single entry or multiple entry, with 90-day of validity, and it only costs $25 or $50. As usual, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Very simple and fast, I have experienced that and I will explain the process for you in this article.

It is more affordable, fast, and the key thing – you can keep your passport the whole time.

Countries eligible for Vietnam E-Visa application:

Procedures to be taken when applying for Vietnam E-Visa:

Vietnam E-Visa official website is This site is managed by Vietnamese Government, so you will not have to work with another party.

1. Go to E-Visa, then choose the option “E-visa issuance”, then choose “ personally apply for E-visa”

2. Fill in the online form (don’t worry, the description is very readable).

  • Upload your portrait photograph
  • Upload your scanned passport
  • Fill in required information: travel date, location, etc..

3. Verify filled information, proceed to payment.

4. You will be sent an ID, you will want to save it, when checking the status of your visa.

E-Visa application fields

(E-Visa application fields)

I believe there is no solid requirement for your image size as it is not stated. I scanned old portrait photography of mine and the data page of my passport, and uploaded them there. I believe you can scan by your phone, but a normal scanner will be better for clearer images.

E-Visa Application confirmation

(E-Visa Application confirmation)

Online payment can be processed via credit card. In addition to the visa fee $25, you may be subjected to credit card service charge of $0.96.

E-Visa fees

(Visa fees)

You will receive notification and confirmation email after your payment is successfully processed. Mastercard/Visa JCB is usable in international payments.

E-Visa Payment confirmation

(Payment confirmation)

E-visa Payment confirmation again

(Payment confirmation again)

The website told me to wait for response in 3 days. However, the next day when I checked, I got the results already.

E-Visa approved

(Visa approved)

You need to make sure having printed your E-Visa, and BRING it with you on your trip.

When arriving in Vietnam, you can go straight to ALL PASSPORTS session, there is no need to go to the landing visa office. Submit your passport and printed e-visa to the immigration officer. These officers will require printed visa, please make sure you have it with you.

Everything went smoothly, even over my expectation, to be honest. Really affordable price, and I just need 2 minutes for entrance procedures to Vietnam without being asked any questions