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How to apply for Vietnam e-Visa?

The concern on how to apply Vietnam e-Visa might be a burning issue for those who have spent the first visit to Vietnam. This post will bring you a specific look on how to obtain Vietnam visa.

STEP 1 – Fill in online form: Provide the following information

  1. Your ID
  2. Your Address in Home country
  3. Your Contact in Home country
  4. Your Address in Vietnam
  5. Your contact in Vietnam
  6. Have you been to Vietnam in the last 1 years? If yes, when?
  7. How long will you want to stay in Vietnam?
  8. Detail of previous Vietnam’s Visa
  9. Have you ever violated any Vietnamese law/ regulation?
  10. Relative or friend information (full name/ address and phone number)
  11. Your occuptaion
  12. Your purpose to Visit Vietnam
  13. Sponsor company in Vietnam: Name, address and contact information
  14. Visa single hay Multi/ Type of Visa
  15. Date of arrival
  16. Arrival port and exit port
  17. Passport portrait (4*6 size, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses)
  18. Passport scan copy

STEP 2 – Upon arrival

You will receive Evisa (PDF) via your email.

Before boarding the flight, please prepare the following documents:

  • Passport (at least 6 months validity)
  • A printed copy of enclosed Evisa

You are required to show passport and evisa when checking in the flight to Vietnam.

STEP 3- Get the result via email

At the Immigration Counter: Please queue up in front of the Immigration Counter to get an entry stamp in your passport.