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Vietnam visa for citizens of China

Documents required Vietnam visa for passport holders of China

Vietnam tourist visa is required for all Chinese/ Hong Kong or Macau passport holders living in China/Hongkong/ Macau or in other countries.

Prepare these required documents before applying for a Vietnamese visa:

  • Your passport (still valid for at least 6 months starting from the entry date to Vietnam and have at least 2 pages empty);
  • Two (02) passport-sized photos: 4 x 6 cm or 2 x 2 inches;
  • Sponsorship letter from a licensed company in Vietnam (if you wish to apply business visa);
  • Visa fee;

How to apply Vietnam visa for Chinese citizens?

This will present ways to apply for Vietnam visa or residents of other countries which are not included in Vietnam visa exemption list currently staying in this country. You can choose 1 of 3 following options:

1Applying for Vietnam e-Visa online

Follow 3 simple steps to obtain Vietnam e-Visa online:

  • STEP 1:  Fill out the online form visa application and pay the service fee. Your information is confidential.
  • STEP 2:  Get your e-Visa Via Email. Normal service: Guaranteed 4-6 working days. Urgent service: 2 working days. Super urgent service: 1 working day.
  • STEP 3:  Show the e-visa at the entry gate to enter Vietnam. Present your passport, print the enclosed e-visa and prepare both round trip tickets.

2Applying for visa at Vietnamese Embassy in China

You should apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in China in case you are traveling to Vietnam via land or sea border crossings. Here are the documents you should prepare:

  • Visa application form. You can fill in the online form at or Download form file PDF and print out fill in.
  • Visa fee: This must be bank transfer notes, cashier’s checks . Cash pay only applies in case you send the application form directly to Vietnamese Embassies. This fee may subject to the type of visa you are applying for. The fee and procedure may differ in different countries, so you should contact the Embassy or Consulate that shall receive your application.
  • Post fee: In case you want your passport and result package delivered by post (most recommended FedEx and USPS)
  • Operation time: 4 to 5 working days

You should contact the Embassy of Vietnam in China before applying for a Visas.

3Applying for Vietnam Visa On Arrival (visa picked up at Vietnam International Airports)

Follow 3 simple steps to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival

  • STEP 1 – Fill in the Visa form online. Confirm and Pay.
  • STEP 2 – Get your Approval Letter Via your Email.
  • STEP 3 – Get Visa Stamped at the Airport

For more details click here.

Frequently asked questions

Can Chinese use Visa on arrival to enter Vietnam by land or sea?

No, Vietnam visa on arrival is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only. In case you are traveling to Vietnam by land or sea, please apply for the visa at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy.

Can I enter Vietnam by China border?

Yes, In case you enter Vietnam by China border, please apply for the visa at the nearest Vietnamese Embassy.

Can I pay the stamping fee by China Yuan and how much should I pay?

Yes, you can totally pay the stamping fee in China Yuan, however, the exchange rate will be much higher than that in bank. We do not know the exact amount but it will fluctuate from 200 to 300 China Yuan.

I’m from Hongkong. I wish to travel to Vietnam on 24 Dec. If I apply for visa now, will it expires before I departure?

Please note that the date that you apply for your visa will not affect the validity of you visa. You visa is valid from the day you enter Vietnam to the approved exit date on your approval letter. Hence, you can apply for your visa now for better preparation.

I’m from China. I wish to apply for 1-month single entry Vietnamese visa, tourist. How long does it take?

Please be kindly informed that we can support you to get a visa approval letter within 2 working days. It case you need it urgently, we can support you to get it in 1 working day or even 2-4 working hours. And then, you will get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Kindly apply visa here or send us your passport information page with your expected arrival date so that we can support further.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know.

I want to stay in Vietnam around 65 days.I am Chinese citizen. What type of visa that I should apply?

Regarding your question, we would like to reply that a 3-month (single/multiple) tourist visa is suitable for your schedule.
You can apply here or send us your passport information page with your expected arrival date so that we can support further.