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Requirements & Photo Size for Vietnam visa photos

You are uncertain about your visa application to Vietnam, aren’t you? What are the requirements, sizes, instructions, specifications and rules for Vietnam visa photos? Just take a look at the instructions below.

Do I need a photo to apply for a Vietnam Visa?

Yes you do. When applying for a Vietnam visa at a Vietnam embassy, ​​you need to include your photo in the application.

In case of entering Vietnam on an on-arrival visa, you need to prepare 02 passport-sized photos for online procedures.

Requirements & Photo size to apply for Vietnam Visa

If you are not certain about the size and requirements of Vietnam visa photo, please review and follow the rules and instructions below:

  • The photo size is 4 x 6 cm (standard size of Vietnamese photography) or 2 x 2 inches.
  • The photos must be identical, taken within the last 6 months.
  • Photos must be in color, printed on professional photo paper.
  • The photo must capture your entire face, viewed directly with a bright, solid  background.
  • Hats or head scarves cannot be worn unless it is for religious purposes.
  • Black or over-the-counter glasses with tinted lenses are not accepted unless they are requested for medical reasons.
  • In some exceptional cases, consistent items like prescription glasses, hearing aids, wigs, or similar items  are still acceptable.
  • No laughing. Just keep a neutral facial expression.

Please prepare 02 photos in accordance with the requirements and guidelines about Vietnam visa above to avoid trouble when arriving at Vietnam airport.

Here is an example for requirements and sizes of Vietnam visa:

Visa sample in photo size

Visa sample in photo size

Frequently asked questions

Do children need their own photos to apply for a Vietnam visa?

Yes they do. Like adults, children need their own photos to get a visa to enter Vietnam. It can be a little more difficult to photograph children, especially babies, which is why we have some suggestions for you:

  • No one else can be in the picture. Having a parent or other person in the photo is the first problem and is the cause of infant photos getting rejected.
  • Leave toys, pacifiers, milk bottles, and other objects out of the picture.
  • Place a white towel behind the child’s back if laying the child lay down or sit on the chair. By this way, the background is uniformly white and other streaks are visible.
  • Try your best to square the child’s face and take a picture with the eyes.

What happens if I don’t have my photo when I arrive at Vietnam airport with a visa approval letter?

In case you do not have time to prepare 2 photos in advance, you can take them directly at the airport photo booth at Vietnam airport. It costs around US $2.