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Vietnam e-Visa

Hello, avid travelers around the world. If you’re looking at a trip to Vietnam and want to save the time for your trip, one of the best choices that you can’t ignore is a Vietnam e-Visa.

What is Vietnam e-Visa ?

Vietnam e-Visa is a visa issued for people who want to enter Vietnam by the Immigration Department. This type of visa allows the owner to enter Vietnam once for 30 days in maximum. In addition, only 80 nationals in the list can use this type of visa.

Why Vietnam e-Visa?

Pros Cons
  • An e-Visa owner can change the purpose of entry from tourism to business if necessary.
  • For example, you go to Vietnam for tourism purposes at first. During the time here, you’ve been recruited and guaranteed by a company, you can change your visa to the form of business.
  • e-Visa only allows single-entry
  • You don’t have to wait at the VOA counter in airport to get visa stamped
  • e-Visa are only valid for 30 days from the time of entry
  • e-Visa is accepted at 33 international checkpoints, including international airports, landports and seaports. While regular visas are only accepted at some international airports
  • After registering enter and exit checkpoints, Evisa holders need to follow the checkpoint mentioned on your e-visa form.
  • In some emergencies, you can own an e-Visa only after 4 – 8 business hours, instead of three days of regular visa
  • e- Visa can be got faster in the international airports in vietnam, which would save your time and money of the visa stamping phase
  • Received 24/7 support from visa consultants

Required documents for Vietnam e-Visa

  • The passport validity is at least 6 months
  • Photo of your passport information page under .jpg format
  • Portrait images under .jpg format (4×6 and non-glasses)
  • Time and location of your entry/exit

Steps to own the Vietnam e-Visa

  1. Fill information in the sample on our website and upload your photo
  2. Payment according to our instructions (service fee)
  3. Receive Approval Letter from our email within 48 hours
  4. Print the letter of approval and present when boarding and landing

e-Visa fee and processing time

Purpose of visit Service fee
Tourist 50 USD
Business 60 USD

Usually, it takes three days for you to get Approval Letter. However, time zone (GMT+7) and holidays in Vietnam are needed to pay attention, owing to the fact that it can affect your plan.

In addition, your family and friends can apply for this type of visa with the same way we have outlined above. If you plan to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days, instead of using an e-Visa, contact us for optimal choice.

Good luck!