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Getting Temporary Resident Card in Vietnam

January 27, 2021

In recent years, visa – granting procedures for foreigners in Vietnam have improved and become much more accessible. As a French citizenship, a European country, personally, i feel like i enjoy a lot of benefits from this progress. Last month, I completed the application for Temporary Residence Cards in Vietnam for my wife and son, and i would like to share my experience in the process of completing these procedures.


Sample Vietnam Temporary Residence Card

Introducing myself, Im Pierre, this year 45, working at a French food company in Vietnam. So far i’ve been working in Vietnam for nearly five years and has been assured by the company of the temporary residence and work permit. My wife and son are still living in Bordeaux, France. Every year my wife comes to visit me in Hanoi as a tourist visa. When my wife arrived in Vietnam, we used to use Eviva company services. This year, when my family decided to move to Vietnam, I contacted the company and received a very enthusiastic consultation.

First of all, my wife doesn’ t work for any company in Vietnam but two – year Temporary Residence Card needed under guarantee by a company, so after finding this information online, I feel so worried. Thanks to the consulting firm’s Eviva, i found an appropriate plan for my wife and son, based on the fact that i had a temporary residence card.

This type can be used when the person who wants to apply for a card is the relative of person who owns the Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam. Because I had a long time working in Vietnam, the company could sign a temporary residency review for my wife. However, first of all, my wife needs to complete the Family visa procedures. In the process of granting this type of visa, I need to prepare some papers such as:

  • Sponsoring application form for foreign family members to enter Vietnam(form NA3),
  • Copy of Passport
  • Temporary residence card
  • Permanent residence card
  • Copy of the Marriage registration certificate.

My wife needs to prepare the following papers:

  • Entry letter
  • Copy of Marriage registration certificate
  • Passport.

In addition, to serve the grant of Temporary Residence Cards, my wife needs to produce these documentaries:

  • The original passport – has a visa issued by the company or an old temporary residence card.
  • Business Registration Certificate of the legal entity of guaranteeing agency, organization, or enterprise.
  • Sample registration certificate
  • Certificate of legal seal or Notification about uploaded the stamp on National Business Registration Portal (form NA16)
  • Dispatch and application for issuance of temporary resident card (according to the form NA6)
  • Application form for issuance of temporary resident card for foreigners (according to the form NA8).
  • Confirmation of temporary residence of the regional police office where the new applicant for temporary residence card resides.
  • Two 2×3 white background photos.
  • Papers proving that the relationship is highly legal and translated with notarization such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register.

On my son’s part, because he’s 18 years old, he needs to be fully prepared like his mother’s papers.

There are a lot of papers that need to be prepared as well as a fairly complex implementation of the common visa types. So we had to ask for the help of Eviva company. Fortunately, my faith has been placed in the right place, with Eviva’ s support, the necessary documents that have been fully prepared and the time of handling very quickly, from 5 – 7 days from the date of receipt of the complete dossier. Now, my family is reunited in Hanoi, with all the necessary papers.

During the time in Vietnam, i had to complete a lot of procedures related to Personal papers but this was probably the most exciting experience, not just because it helped our family reunite but also the great service from the Eviva company. With other foreigners like me currently residing in Vietnam, if you have a demand for visa services such as me, select Eviva, they will not disappoint you!