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3 Helpful Things you Need to Know Before Travelling to Vietnam

March 10, 2020

I hope you can read carefully and memorize these advice because it is really helpful things you need to know before travelling to Vietnam or other countries.

1. Simplify your suitcase

To be honest, the less your luggage, the happier you are. Why do I say that? You often want to bring many clothes to be well-dressed and look good in iconic Vietnam pictures. You want to bring everything from home to Vietnam because of the feeling of lack, of not being enough. You want to buy all the souvenirs for relatives while visiting shops on the street. But you will immediately feel stress with carrying that bulky luggage during the journey.

Simplify your suitcase when you travelling in Vietnam


So that you can relieve stress by trying to minimize your suitcase as possible as you can:

– With your clothes, I think that you need to update the weather forecast around the time you stay in Vietnam. And you will decide to bring essential clothes. Remember that the clothes in Vietnam have reasonable prices and sold everywhere therefore if you need it, it is not too difficult to find in local markets, shops on street or even street vendors with the bicycle loaded clothes in Vietnam. Furthermore, you can save space in your suitcase by rolling clothes. It helps you simplify the luggage, easily manage stuffs you have.

– Although the priority is minimalism, compactness, besides the personal items, you should prepare a power bank, charger, and popular over-the-counter medicines.

2. Free Local Tour guide

In Vietnam’s center cities, there will be countless free tour guide clubs for foreign tourists. You can find it by yourself on Tripadvisor, Instagram, Facebook or through your hotel, motel or homestay.

Vietnam Local Tour guide

Vietnam Local Tour guide

I understand that many tourists tend to choose a free local tour guide than a professional tour guide because of the flexible itinerary, their enthusiasm, and honesty. The local tour guide is who also gives you helpful advice and recommendations, such as hidden cafes, one-of-a-kind dishes, places for exchanging money, buying sim cards or even extending your Vietnam visa. The most important thing you must be careful that in case you have receptionists at a hotel booked the tour guide. They can book a tour with a free tour guide and lie to you that is a professional guide, ask you to pay the fee for it. Therefore, when you and the free tour guide meet each other, both of you need to introduce all the information on the tour as a way to protect your rights.

3. Checklist

Tourists often left items behind the hotel. You can forget toiletries, books, phone chargers, and other stuff. But one thing you have to memorize to check your Vietnam visa. When you travel to Vietnam, you normally visit many tourist places, stay at many hotels in cities. In case you lose important papers, it is difficult to find it again. So I think that you should enter a checklist before you check out each hotel.