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Question: Apply for a business visa to Vietnam

I wish to apply for a business visa to attend different trade shows as well as visiting different suppliers in Vietnam.

What’s the cost of a single entry business visa?
What’s the cost of a multi-entry business visa?

How do I apply for a double entry or multi entry business visa ?

Thank you,
Jason siow

In General Questions | Asked by | May 15, 2019

Question: Phu Quoc one week – entry by land and exit by plane

Dear Sir,
I am French, i would like to spend one week in Phu Quoc.
I plan to cross the border, from Cambodia
by bus and ferry (Ha Tien) and to leave Phu Quoc by plane to go to Bangkok.

In this case does visa exemption can be apply?

Looking forward to your reply.


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Question: Question about Fast Track service


We have a group of 8 Hungarians coming to Vietnam in June with the same flight.
2 of them need 1 month multiple entry visa and the rest just single entry. In your website to apply for the visa I need to make two different orders for single and multiple entry? I didn’t see option to mix them if I choose 8 person.

I also have a question about the fast track service. Is the 35 usd price for one person or for the whole group? And how can I order and pay for the service?

Kind regards,

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Question: Visa question – Sophie Latter


I have a question regarding my visa. I am currently working in Vietnam with a working visa which expires on June 5th 2019. I have booked my flight on June 6th at 00:50 by mistake. What would be the best way to deal with this? Is it possible to get a day extension?



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Question: Apply the electronic visa Vietnam

Dear Liz

I would like to make an enquiry on the following for my customer whom is holding Australia passport and they will only be visiting Hanoi, Vietnam in Aug 2019.

  • When will be the appropriate time to apply the electronic visa?
  • What is the validity period to enter Vietnam upon e-visa approved?

Your kind advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards.

Serene Wong

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Question: Travel visa (single entry,one month)

Hi^_^ I’m Chinese but now i’m in Thailand, I am studying in Thailand as an exchange student,before i come back to China,i want to travel in Vietnam for 6 days,i have already booked my plane ticket from Dec 15 to Dec 19! Therefore,could you please tell me how to apply for the visa? Can i apply for visa on arrival? or Should i go to the Vietnam embassy?

In General Questions | Asked by | November 15, 2018