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All you need to know about Vietnam visa extension service

September 07, 2021

I had the chance to come to Vietnam as a tourist in Feb 2020 and intended to spend 3 months travel the country. Sadly it was during the first wave of Covid-19 and the situation is really bad in a lot of countries so staying in Vietnam is a wise choice, not only the country is the safest place but also I can save tons of money here and get the chance to know more about Asia culture. As a Russian, I continue to extend my tourist visa (Dl) at a trusted company located in Hanoi city every month.

Vietnam visa renewal

All you need to know about Vietnam visa extension service

In July 2020, I found a job so the sponsor company switched the type of visa for me. After a month ended as a business visa type, I went to a travel agency to extend my visa for another three months. Here are the steps I would like to share for you as below.

Which service did I choose, Vietnam visa extension service or Vietnam visa renewal service?

I sent them a scanned copy of my passport and my current Vietnam visa, as well as a copy of my Vietnam entry stamp and the name of the port of entry into Vietnam. They reviewed the documents and gave me at least two options based on them (Vietnam visa extension service or Vietnam visa renewal service). After I got the advice from their visa consultants, I chose Vietnam visa extension service because this service was exactly what I needed.

The travel agency helped me confirm that this service was suitable for my needs.

– Requirements for the service of visa extension in Vietnam

  • The foreign passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the time of renewal/re-issuance and has at least 2 blank pages;
  • Vietnam business visa is still valid and valid for use;
  • Foreigners staying in Vietnam must have a paper or book confirming temporary residence registration;
  • Foreigners are required to have a company or organization in Vietnam to guarantee the application;
  • Foreigners during their stay in Vietnam do not violate Vietnamese law.

– Told me about Vietnam visa extension fees service fees (I applied for a 3-month business visa so I had to pay 110 USD fee, please note the cost might be changed from time to time)

– Terms of payment;

– Processing time for the service of visa extension in Vietnam.

Prepared all required documents for Visa extension in Vietnam

– Notarized copy of documents of the guarantor in Vietnam;

– Form NA5 for business visa extension for foreigners, which are signed and stamped by the legal representative of the business;

– Original passport and valid Vietnam visa, for the right purpose of entry;

– Medical declaration;

– Form explaining the reason for renewal;

– Approve personnel of the People’s Committee;

– Company introduction letter;

– Temporary residence paper;

NOTE: In case of change company, passport holders need to prepare extra documents as below:

– Termination paper

– New contract with a new company (If any)

Final procedures to receive my visa were extended and reveal something that surprised me

Submitted the dossiers to Vietnam Immigration Department for Visa extension in Vietnam. It took roughly 5 working days for the visa extension in Vietnam to be approved because my paperwork was in good condition.

What surprised me was how quickly the travel agency worked. Normally, it would take 5 – 7 working days to extend a business visa. These treatments were carried out in just 5 days by this company.

When the result of my Vietnam visa extension was gathered, the travel agency gave me my passport and the new visa extension stamp.

This is what I want to share with you about the Vietnam visa extension service; I hope it is useful to you.