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Apply Vietnam e-Visa



Portrait photo taken in the last 6 months (4*6 size, colored photo, white background, straight looking without glasses). Sample: click view
Passport scan photo information page (full and clear). Sample: click view
Your passport expiration date must has at least 6 months validity when arriving to Vietnam
Intended temporary residential address in Viet Nam


Special notes:
  1. E-visa fee once submitted is NON-REFUNDABLE by any reason, please double check all information correctly as your passport.
  2. If you are blacklisted, no refund is made even when you do not receive visa.
  3. Your port of entry on your e-visa is fixed and you might not be able to use it in a different airport/border so please make sure you choose the right one.
  4. At the moment e-visa system has received a large number of applications, therefore there could be a delay or refusal without any refund. We will inform and advise you the solution if any.
  5. Please don’t buy your flight ticket to Vietnam until you get your e-visa in hand. We have no responsibility for your flight ticket if there is any unexpected issues happening to your e-visa.