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Question: Ttransfer from Ho Chi Minh airport in Vietnam to Australia


We’re tourists from China mainland,and we have obtained an Australian touist visa.we’re going to transfer from Ho Chi Minh airport in Vietnam to Australia, and we’re not going to leave the closed area of the airport.

Do we need a transit visa in this situation?

Thank you.

In Transit visa | Asked by | June 19, 2024


Dear Lian Chongxian,

Please check with your airline's agent if you have to go out of the Vietnam Immigration gate (isolated area) to reach the baggage claim belt for transit flight via Vietnam. If yes, you need to have a visa to pass Immigration checking booth. In this case you would need to apply for a visa and there is no transit visa, but normal visa.

If you have to check out your luggage and then check in for your next flight, you need a Vietnam visa. If your luggage is check out from China to Australia, you do not need a Vietnam visa.

Best regards,

Grace, Nguyen (Ms.)