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Question: Apply for a business visa to Vietnam

I wish to apply for a business visa to attend different trade shows as well as visiting different suppliers in Vietnam.

What’s the cost of a single entry business visa?
What’s the cost of a multi-entry business visa?

How do I apply for a double entry or multi entry business visa ?

Thank you,
Jason siow

In General Questions | Asked by | May 15, 2019


Dear Jason Siow,

Thank you for contacting us.

If you wish to obtain a business visa in Vietnam, you need a partner in who can support below documents:

+ Notarized Business Registration of the company in Vietnam

+ Notarized Stamp Registration of the company in Vietnam

+ Stamp and Signature Official Documentation (NA16)

+ Document sent to Vietnam Immigration Department (NA2)

+ Detailed working programme during your stay in Vietnam

+ Introduction letter

If you are going to attend trade shows only and do not work for any company, you can consider applying for a tourist visa and that is fine. With this type, you only need to provide us your scan of passport information page and confirm us your expected arrival date.

The processing fee for business visa and tourist visa are the same. You can see detail here;

Best regards,

Hannah Do (Ms.)

Sales Executive