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Benefits of getting visa on arrival

June 04, 2019

It is clear that getting a Vietnam visa is much simpler than other countries. Please take a look at the list below to find out the reason why it is evaluated to be so straightforward and simple.

Benefits of getting visa on arrival


1. Rapid:

It normally takes 2 – 3 working days to obtain a Vietnam visa; so, do not worry much if your plan to Vietnam suddenly comes across your mind. In some special case, you can use express service of 4 – 8 working hours to get visa.

2. Easy–to–use:

The information you need to provide are only full name, date of birth, nationality, passport ID and arrival time. It does not require you send off your passport, family background or invitation letters from any Vietnamese companies or partners even you go to Vietnam with business purpose.

3. Trouble-proof:

In some countries, return ticket or detailed travel plan during your trip there is required. But for Vietnam visa on arrival, you will not need to send off such things either.

4. Feel assured:

It can say for sure that 99% of visa application will be approved on condition that you do not go against its laws or Immigration policy. Vietnam always opens to all travelers to the country.

5. Small – budget:

The fee is around USD 60 – 150 USD for both service and stamping fee. In comparison to many countries around the world, it takes you less money than.

With these above reasons, Vietnam visa process plays important role to attract much more visitors coming to Vietnam – a beautiful country. Hope that in the future, it will still keep running great as it has been.