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2 new proposals for Vietnam e-visa changes

June 09, 2023

It is clear that visa policies take an important factor to attract foreign tourists to each country; therefore, all visa restrictions might be erased and changed under the Vietnamese Government and National Assembly decision.

In April, there was an official report proposing some changes on visa policies; especially expanding the list of e-visa countries and duration of e-visa validity. These 2 changes are under-taken into consideration by the National Assembly during its session from May 22 to June 24.

2 new proposals for Vietnam e-visa changes

The Vietnamese government will seek the lawmaking National Assembly (NA)’s approval for a proposal that visitor e-visa validity would be increased to three months from one month for foreigners who want to enter Vietnam. (Source: Tuoi Tre)

1. A larger number of countries will be eligible to apply Vietnam e-visa

Currently, Vietnam e-visa is available for citizens of 80 countries, you can take a look here This number might be hopefully expanded, if all citizens of any country can apply for e-visa, it is truly an outstanding change to draw tourists to Vietnam. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

2. The visa validity will be up to 3 months with both single and multiple entries.

Vietnam e-visa is now granted for 30 days, single entry. This restriction makes some tourists have to apply two or three times if their tour schedule discovers not only Vietnam but Laos, and Cambodia also. If multiple is available, it is so time and money saving and as a result, those who want to travel the Mekong region will take this advantage. Additionally, if e-visa is up to 3 months, it is perfect for tourists who want to stay in Vietnam longer to discover Vietnam completely.

It might be said that this proposal is so attractive to boost Vietnam’s economy both in tourism and investment, and business cooperation. We will soon update the final decision of the National Assembly at the end of their work in late June or early July.