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Vietnam Government Policies for Visas on Arrival

According to the Article 13 of Decree No. 92/2007/ND-CP from Vietnam Government, international travel agencies have the right to request Vietnam Immigration Department to approve the entry, exit, or transit of their tourist clients. Therefore, the visa approval letters they send to their clients are totally legal.

Article 13. Rights and obligations of international travel enterprises

  1. An international travel enterprise has the following rights:
  • a) To enjoy business autonomy and take responsibility for tourism business activities;
  • b) To request a competent state agency to approve the entry, exit or transit of tourists;
  • c) To have their lawful tourism business activities protected by the State;
  • d) To participate in tourism promotion activities; join in professional associations;
  • e) Other rights provided for by law.
  1. An international travel enterprise has the following obligations:
  • a) To set up, register and conduct its business in accordance with law;
  • b) To employ only tourist guides who possess international tourists guide’s cards to guide foreign tourists and observe regulations on the employment of laborers;
  • c) To notify the provincial-level state agency charge of tourism of the replacement of its travel business administrator within 30 days after such replacement;
  • d) To monitor and make full and accurate statistics on the number of tourists to whom it has provided tourism services;
  • e) To assure the conditions for, an interests of, tourists in accordance with the concluded agreements;
  • f) Other obligations prescribed by law.

For full English Translation Version, please see here: Decree No. 92/2007/ND-CP.

National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10 was issued to indicate the unit to be responsible for Vietnam visa issuance, the persons who can obtain Vietnam visa and the duration of stay they might get.

The reasons why a travel agency can lawfully support you to get visa approval letter will be shown in the articles below:

Article 2.

  1. Vietnamese agencies and organizations, Vietnam – based foreign agencies and organizations as well as international organizations, Vietnamese citizens and foreigners lawfully residing in Vietnam may invite foreigners into Vietnam.
  2. Agencies, organizations and individuals that invite foreigners into Vietnam shall have to ensure the compliance with foreigners’ entry purposes, ensure financial matters and their cooperation with the State bodies to settle arising problems for foreigners.

Article 5.

  1. Agencies, organizations and individuals that invite foreigners into Vietnam shall send their written requests to the entry and exit management agency of the Ministry of Public Security or the consular office of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  2. A written request shall be replied within no more than 5 working days after the receipt of the request.

Article 6.

  1.  Foreigners applying for entry shall be granted visas at Vietnam’s international border gates in the following cases:
  •  They enter for funerals of their relatives, for visits to their seriously ill relatives;
  •  They depart from countries where Vietnamese diplomatic missions and/or consulates are not available;
  •  They enter for visits under programs organized by international tour enterprises of Vietnam;
  •  They enter to provide urgent technical support for programs, projects; to give first-aid to seriously ill persons, accident victims; to provide rescue for victims of natural disasters and epidemics in Vietnam;
  •  For other urgent reasons.
  1. The exit and entry management agency of the Ministry of Public Security shall issue visas as prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article.

Vietnam Public Holidays in 2021

Below is the list of Vietnam national holidays of 2021. Vietnam Immigration Department closes on those days, therefore, no visa approval letter are issued. Kindly check your flight schedule and apply accordingly.

  • From February 10th 2021 to February 16th 2021: Vietnamese Lunar New Year
  • April 21th: Hung Kings’ Festival
  • April 30th: Reunification Day
  • May 01st: International Labor Day
  • From September 02th to September 03th: Vietnam Independence Day