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The expected procedure to welcome international tourists coming to Phú Quoc in October, 2021

September 27, 2021

Based on the pilot program recently approved by the Government of Vietnam, tourists coming from high safe countries against COVID-19 such as from Northeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, etc. buy the full tour program from Vietnamese travel agencies are those who are welcomed to Vietnam.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The expected procedure to welcome international tourists coming to Phú Quoc in October, 2021

Before departure flight, the following documents have to be prepared,

Also, tourists are asked to install one of the Vietnamese applications, named “Du lịch Việt Nam an toàn”, Healthy Vietnam, VHD and fill in an online health declaration and then use QR code during the whole journey. With the guidance of a Vietnamese tourist company, tourists have to move to the allocated flow and use a private shuttle bus with an approved schedule.

In case, the tourist does not meet one of the above requirements, he/ she might be refused entry to enter Vietnam and all the costs of coming back to the home country should be considered on his/her own.

Once arriving in Vietnam, tourists have to follow the 5K policy. With the guide of tourist companies, all make a move to the allocated flow and go to a private shuttle bus with a planned schedule.

The 3-5* hotels and resorts must have a separate accommodation area for international as well as no contact with the surrounding community. It is required to have a place for separate sampling and testing areas. If the result is positive, tourist has to make treatment and all costs are made based on the Vietnamese Health Department. While the result is negative, tourists can go ahead with the tour program they desired.

For this pilot program, Vietnam has fully prepared medical facilities, quarantined guest service facilities, and quick response teams to promptly handle arising problems. Also selected travel agencies have made a commitment in compliance of requirements, as well as proper and safe plan, is welcome and management all board.

With these full plans, Vietnam hopes that the whole procedure can run smoothly to welcome back the first international tourists coming to Vietnam.