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Vietnam visa for citizens of Afghanistan

Documents required Vietnam visa for passport holders of Afghanistan

Vietnam Visas for Afghanistan Citizens – What you need to know

A valid visa is mandatory for Afghanistan passport holders to come to Vietnam. There are two ways to get a Vietnam visa for Afghanistan citizens.

  • Vietnam Visa on arrival
  • Vietnam visa picked up at Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate
Vietnam Visa on arrivalVisa at Embassy

Steps to apply

  1. Fill in an online application form;
  2. Our tour consultant will reach you with tour package included visa on arrival support;
  3. Once decision is made, the visa application will be submitted and sent back within 4-5 working days;
  4. Download and print the approval letter and get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam international airports.

Visa Requirements

  • The passport validity is at least 6 months with 2 blank pages;
  • Booking of flight return ticket;
  • 01 passport photo to do visa stamp procedure;
  • Stamp fee in cash:
    + 25 USD for single entry
    + 50 USD for multiple entries.

Main information

  • Visa on arrival is only available for air travelers.
  • It is required to get pre-approval letter beforehand.
  • The stamp procedure will be taken place at Vietnam international airports.

Methods to apply

  1. Apply in person at the nearest Vietnam Embassy;
  2. Apply by mail/post;
  3. Apply online and then collect visa in person;
  4. Apply online, receive loose-leaf visa by post.

Each embassy has their own way to process, kindly please contact Embassy for details

Visa Requirements

  • The passport validity is at least 6 months with 2 blank pages;
  • Visa application form with photo;
  • Visa fee and procedure – contact embassy for detailed information.

Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in Afghanistan information

Currently, there is no Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam in Afghanistan, so visitors can contact the Vietnamese Embassy in Iran or another nearby nation.

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