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Hai Phong – new Work Permit 2024

May 20, 2023

Hai Phong – updated information on making new 2024 work permits for foreigners and businesses. Guidance on procedures and assist businesses to supplement missing documents, apply for labor approval, criminal record, consular legalization, certificate of experience.

Foreigners working in a short-term, temporary enterprise for less than 3 months are not required to apply for a Work Permit. If the job lasts more than 3 months, you will need to do a Work Permit.

When to extend work permit in Hai Phong

  • If the foreign worker is still working in the same company that previously issued a Work Permit, before 15 days of expiration, the enterprise needs to apply for extension and re-issue of a new work permit.
  • In case the foreigner changes jobs to a new company, the new enterprise needs to renew a work permit according to the company.
  • Besides, during the working process, if the foreign employee changes position, job, working position, passport number, .., the enterprise needs to re-issue a work permit.

Foreign workers in Hai Phong are exempt from Work Permit

If you are admitted for the following purposes, a foreigner will be considered for a Work Permit exemption, but an application is required.

  • Investor or board member.
  • Representatives of international organizations, non-governmental organizations in Vietnam, …
  • Licensed by the Department of State.
  • And other specific cases

Process of making Work Permit in Hai Phong

To legally employ foreign workers, enterprises need to first submit a written request to the People’s Committee of the province/city directly under the authority to approve the employment.

After being granted the approval letter by the People’s Committee, the new enterprise proceeds to apply for a Work Permit with the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs.

Time to work permit

  • Approximately 7 working days with documents prepared fully valid documents.
  • Time to apply for a work permit is within 21 working days. So if you have to supplement this paper, the total time needed to work for Work Permit will be in 30 working days.

Can we do it faster?

In case you need to speed up the progress, please contact us for advice: +84 9 8852 2908

Guide procedures for making

First, businesses sponsoring foreign workers need to make an official letter to apply for a labor approval and submit it to the provincial People’s Committee. In case of renewal or re-issuance of the Work Permit, if it is still in the same company, there is no need.

After receiving the approval letter, the enterprise prepares the following documents:

  1. Foreigner’s passport valid for more than 2 years.
  2. Vietnam visa is still valid, if the visa is expired or overdue, it is necessary to apply for an extension. After having Work Permit, foreigners can apply for a temporary residence card for 2 years.
  3. 2 photos 4 × 6 cm with white background just taken.
  4. The health check at the big hospital is valid for 6 months.
  5. The foreigner’s judicial record number 1
  6. The Provincial People’s Committee’s written approval allowing foreigners to be allowed to work in Vietnam.
  7. Confirm foreigner’s experience.
  8. Declaration requesting for a work permit.
  9. Vietnamese company guarantees (Business registration certificate notarized).

For all forms and declarations, please contact us for information and instructions. Documents in foreign languages ​​such as diplomas, certificates of experience, … all need notarized translation into Vietnamese, consular legalization.

Therefore, in the process of preparing the profile, if you have any difficulties, you should contact us immediately for assistance in completing the entire profile quickly and easily.

Support for additional documents to make Work Permit:

We support businesses to supplement the missing documents, the documents do not have enough papers, including:

  1. Apply for a labor agreement
  2. Judicial record number 1
  3. Confirming experience
  4. Consular legalization
  5. Physical examination

Note: in the case of a foreigner who does not have a guarantee company, we will support to work Permit in Hai Phong at a reasonable cost.

Work permit issuer in Hai Phong

  • Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs