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Untouched Ba Lua Archipelago

Ba Lua Archipelago, also called Binh Tri Archipelago, off Kien Giang Province is a group of 45 islands that are unspoiled by tourism. Among the 45 islands, only 10 are inhabited with just a few thousand people on each. They are named according to their shapes and island folklore such as Hon Heo (Pig Islet), Hon De (Goat Islet) or Hon Ong Nhom (Mr.Nhum Islet), Hon Dua (Coconut Islet).

According to local stories during the French colonization, Ba Lua was the name of a very beautiful Chinese -Vietnamese woman living in Ha Tien Town. As her Western husband was extremely powerful, she was made owner of all islands; hence the name Ba Lua.

Seafood and birdlife is plentiful and the islands are known for their many herbal remedy trees. Hon Ong Nhum has many kinds of snakes.

To get to Ba Lua, take a boat from Hang Pagoda- Phu Tu Island in Binh An Commune, Kien Luong District.

There are no tourism services there, so come prepared to camp with hammocks, tents, flashlight, lighters, knife, water and food. Tourists also can ask boat owners to prepare food for them.

On the islands, it’s easy to catch snails, oysters, crabs and clams on the rocky reefs for your own private grilled seafood party. The colorful dawns and sunsets are unforgettably romantic.


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