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Four great things to do in Hoi An that you may not know about

The following activities, despite being on many lists, are not quite popular. They can considerably enhance tourists’ experiences in Hoi An.

Camping on Cu Lao Cham

Located about 15 kilometers off the coast of Hoi An, the group of eight islets has increasingly drawn attraction of tourists in recent years with wild beaches and fresh seafood.

Camping on Cu Lao Cham

Most of visitors spend only one day on the islands snorkeling, enjoying seafood or riding a motorbike around.

But why not spend the night on Cu Lao Cham? Local beaches are ideal places for a small party or camping among friends.

Enjoying traditional arts

You may not understand Vietnamese, but it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the performances of traditional music at No.66 Bach Dang Street.

Enjoying traditional arts

The small and intimate theater can offer its audience of a variety of genres, from the centuries-old bai choi singing to Champa dancing, all with sophisticated production.

Those who love crafts must visit No.9 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, where beautiful works of 12 traditional crafts like lantern making and embroidery are displayed.

Visitors can also take part in some stages of the jobs under artisans’ instructions.

Cooking Hoi An dishes

Cuisine is undeniably one of Hoi An’s best features.

Cooking Hoi An dishes

Those who wish to be able to cook some of its famous dishes like rice noodle cao lau at home, they can take cooking classes around the town. Some of the best classes are at 106-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and 175 Cua Dai Street.

Each class is about three hours long, including visits to local markets.

Exploring Bay Mau nipa palm forest

The 100-hectare-plus forest, some five kilometers from Hoi An, boasts a great biodiversity.

Exploring Bay Mau nipa palm forest

Visitors can ride a bicycle around a small village there, or ride coracles for fishing. They can also learn to make hats or little animal figurines from palm leaves, under the instructions of locals or tour guides.

Source: Thanhniennews

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